Meet Our A-list Facialist

Your face tells the story of your life, so make sure yours glows with a hand from one of the best skin magicians.

Meet Ruslana Medyanikova  (Esthetician, Leader in Skin Care and Owner of Polished Outlook Spa)

 Ruslana is not your everyday esthetician: she holds degrees in biology and pre-med and Masters in Chemistry. An inspired esthetician, Ruslana brings passion, calm and remarkable training to her practice at her idyllic day spa, Polished Outlook, a block from the historic downtown Milford and an oasis removed from the stress of daily life.

Since her arrival in Milford, MI in 2004, Ruslana has become one of the region’s most honored, respected and adored skin-care professionals. Her facials are an enduring gift of beauty and health.

Ruslana is known for her famous re-sculpting facials, which combine massage, gentle electric currents, skin-quenching collagen masks and lashings of her Peptide Firming Serum. With no downtime and a guaranteed glow, you’ll be hooked, so appease any cravings between appointments with her own Luminous Peptide Serum, which contains 3 active peptides to boost your skin’s collagen production and add a hit of radiance.

In her native Ukraine, where skin care is valued as a scince and essential daily practice, Ruslana studied alongside dermatologists, benefiting from a comprehensive medical education. Her skills as an esthetician extend beyond the clinical. Ruslana possesses an intuitive ability to understand a client’s complexion and determine specific factors affecting the skin’s condition. Her skills and expertise, produce impressive immediate and long-term results for her devoted clientele.

The luxurious and restorative treatments at Polished Outlook Spa are based on Ruslana’s results-oriented approach to skin care. Ruslana’s facials, like all the services offered at Polished Outlook, are comprehensive and customized to each client’s needs, incorporating her streamlined philosophy of “results, restoration, and prevention”.

Ruslana is committed to a non-surgical transformation and enhancement of the client’s skin, and has developed breakthrough treatments that yield exceptional results. Her incredible massage technique de-puffs, decongests and lifts skin instantly, so that your face feels like it’s had a workout. She helps clients who struggle with acne, scars, and spots.

From the very beginning, Ruslana recognized that every person’s skin is unique; however, the skin care industry mostly relied on a one-size-fits-all approach. Product lines were traditionally catered to very generic categories of skin. So Ruslana began formulating her own high-performance products to ensure her clients achieved the results they desired.

Already a leader in the field of skin care, Ruslana continues to further her education and skills with additional training, making her one of the region’s most knowledgeable skin-care professionals.

Clients adore Ruslana’s gentle manner, her sharp eye, her thorough professionalism and enduring commitment to health and intelligent solutions over the painful, expensive, surgical quick fix. In her time in Milford, MI, Ruslana has brought health, intelligence and lasting improvement in the lives of her faithful and adoring clientele.

Woman’s Skin Care Through The Decades – Your 50s

womanwrinkles_lrgYour 50s: A fragile time for your skin

As a woman advances into her 50s, her skin becomes thinner and more fragile. The thinning of the skin is due to a drop in estrogen levels once a woman becomes post-menopausal. At this time, your skin is less able to retain moisture, and the production of collagen and elastin slows down significantly. The end result: as well as wrinkling, your skin will probably begin to sag and droop.

During your 50s, your skin tone will become more uneven with increased age spots (also known as “sun spots” and “liver spots”). It’s imperative that you keep out of sun if you don’t want to worsen the appearance of age spots; doing so will also help you skin retain what’s left of its resilience.

A 50-something woman will also usually notice the appearance of lines around the eyes, on the forehead, and running from the nose to the mouth (nasolabial folds).
Few women in their 50s have oily skin, although some may have oily patches on the forehead, nose, and chin (the “T-zone”). Skin types for women in their 50s typically range from normal/combination to dry.

A 50-something woman should care for her skin by applying wrinkle-removing cream to specific areas, as well as anti-aging products. However, be sure to avoid products that are so harsh they aggravate sensitive skin.

Herbal Peels and LED Light Treatments can be used to treat the progressive worsening of abnormal pigmentation resulting from sun damage that may become increasingly noticeable in your 50s.

But what about natural remedies? For starters, don’t skimp on sleep. Skin repair activity occurs at around one o’clock a.m., when we’re in our deepest sleep period. Around this time, cell division, which is responsible for regenerating our skin, rises by up to 300 percent. But don’t rely on grabbing a daytime nap to compensate for having missed our on your beauty sleep, since during the day the body is programmed to deal with other tasks, such as brain function, rather than skin repair.

Woman’s Skin Care Through the Decades – Your 40’s

mature-woman-mirror-746x346Your 40s: When skincare becomes a priority

When a woman reaches her 40s, her skin starts to lose elasticity – most noticeably in the skin around the eyes. Most women in this age group also notice “expression lines” appearing on the forehead and around the mouth. Your skin will also be drier than it was in your 30s, and less resilient as a result of the breakdown of elastin and collagen.

In addition, loss of elasticity in the skin means it doesn’t have that “bounce back” quality that’s present in younger women’s skin. This can be seen in women who are left with “saggy” skin after losing a significant amount of weight relatively quickly. Skin may also become sensitive as a woman approaches and experiences menopause.

So what can you do to combat the effects of aging on your skin at this stage of your life?
On reaching your 40s, you will likely need a richer moisturizer than your previously used – even if you have always had oily skin. Women whose skin has always been on the dry side should now start to use a replenishing night cream as well. Regardless of skin type, all 40-some-thing women should wear an eye cream to nourish and protect the delicate skin around the eyes. Also, consider including products with anti-aging benefits in your skincare regimen.

If you’re not already in the habit of exfoliating regularly, you should begin to do so now. During this decade of a woman’s life, the outer layer of the epidermis starts to grow thicker as dead skin cells hang around longer. Exfoliating can help to remove these dead skin cells and keep your skin looking fresh.

Also, don’t overlook the role exercise can play in helping keep your skin looking good. Re-energized blood circulation is an immediate effect of exercise and can give the skin a wonderful post-workout glow. In the long run, exercise improves circulation, which in turn helps to improve your skin.

Nutra Peptide Hair Series

Polished Outlook Salon and Spa located in Milford, Michigan is now offering the Nutra Peptide Shampoo, Conditioner and Serum. This series is designed to improve hair growth and enhance micro-circulation of the scalp. 1794756_10152223941005240_1269889918_n

Understanding Hair Anatomy

As we age our hair thins as a result to hair lose and reduction in the active growing cycle. The subcutaneous fat layer of the scalp also thins and hair becomes more brittle. The ability of the hair cortex to absorb melanin begins to diminish and the hair starts to lose its youthful color and shine. The hair grows from a vital portion of the skin called the follicle. Unlike the visible portion of the hair at is comprised of keratin and is “non-living”, the portion of the hair that resides below the scalp, in the follicle, is full of activity and life. The hair fiber originates at the terminal point called the hair blub where living dermal papilla cells, grow, divide and absorb melanin. By addressing hair and scalp health at the cellular level, this formula provides healthier, thicker, stronger, and younger hair and scalp!


Sea Buck-thorn Seed Oil contains a balanced combination of linoleic and alpha-linoleic acids backed with plenty of tocopherol. These essential fatty acids smooth hair surface, prevent protein loss and damage of the hair body, and enhance micro-circulation of the scalp, improving epidermal regeneration.  Alpha-linoleic acid is an essential nutrient for healthy shiny hair.

Hexapeptide-11 A bio-fermented peptide that has been shown to up regulate key genes responsible for collagen production and important extracellular matrix components such as hyaluronic acid. Studies indicate that this peptide is capable of influencing the principal biochemical pathways responsible for converting young velus hair into mature terminal hair.

Swertia japonica Extract – a traditional Japanese hair care ingredient for “alopecia areata” for (hair loss condition).

Fruit extracts isolated from Sugar Cane, Lemon and Apple offer natural exfoliating action helping to clear the follicles of excessive build up of dead cells, allowing more room for thicker hair growth.

Moody Manicure

As temperatures cool, Nail Techs at Polished Outlook Spa suggest the latest autumn shades so our clients can express the many moods of the season on their fingertips and toes.


CND Shellac Dark Dahlia, a shadowy plum from the nature inspired fall collection, provides a stark contrast to summer brights.

OPI-Muir-Muir-On-The-WallThis fall’s San Francisco Collection from OPI features more than a dozen moody hues of blue, grey, and jewel, including three Liquid Sand lacquers and soon to be a client favorite, Muir Muir on the Wall, a deep burgundy.


Clients will want to reminisce when they see this warm taupe shade of the same name from the SPARITUAL Share Collection swiped on nails.

After School Boy Blazer, a rich navy blue, and Vested Interest, a pale sage, create a cool look for clients from the ESSIE Fall Collection, modeled after the season’s finest fabrics.

Study Finds Damage Caused by Free Radicals Linked to Adult Acne

antioxidant-rich-foodsAccording to results from a 2012 Journal of Drugs in Dermatology study, inflammation and oxidative stress caused by free radicals can lead to acne in adults.

Multiple studies showed adults with acne had fewer antioxidants – their blood levels of vitamins A, C, and E were lower – compared with their clear-skinned peers.

Given these findings, effective treatments for adult onset acne include antioxidant-rich topical serums and creams, (like Radiant Antioxidant Moisture Creme available at Polished Outlook Spa), as well as incorporating foods high in antioxidants such as kale, salmon, and strawberries and drinks such as green tea to their diet. As a bonus, these help reverse the signs of aging and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Back to School Cut & Color Trends

For our younger clients, the “back to school” frenzy means more than hitting the books again – it’s an opportunity for change! With new clothes, new shoes and a new haircut, heading back to school comes with a resolution: look better than last year! To help, we gathered info from salons across the country to gauge what’s in and what’s out in all the big cities.

New York City, NY:

Emma Watson_orig_largeStudents in the Big Apple are star seekers. (Naturally). Younger clients often bring in pictures of stars with the hair they idolize, including Emma Watson and Carey Mulligan for for short crops and Emma Stone and Kristen Stewart for long, shaggy layers. These are popular because they’re identifiable in pop culture. They want to see that it’s become mainstream and acceptable in the press first before they try it out.

When it comes to color New Yorkers are interested in bold, spot color to stand apart from their peers. Young people are more interested in adding some expression rather than requesting just one tone. They’re more interested in highlights or emphasizing the color they already have, and more about making a statement rather than keeping it natural.

Los Angeles, CA:

Reese Witherspoon_orig_largeKids from the city of angels are just as star-struck as their east coast peers. Most of the looks chosen by them are fun and glamorous – the perfect description for Los Angeles. Long hair is in, especially shoulder-length cuts with side swept bangs (think Reese Witherspoon and Jessica Alba) or voluminous waves (Blake Lively).

For color, LA kids are into highlights and ombre haircolor, as seen on Sarah Jessica Parker, Giselle Bundchen and Drew Barrymore. Aside from long strands, other popular looks for LA’s youth include the pixie and classic bob. The clients who ask for these cuts are in touch with pop culture and always looking for the newest, most on-trend look.

Miami, FL: 

Taylor_orig_largeIt may be hot in Miami, but young clients still wear their hair long. Curly haired girls are all about Taylor Swift’s natural, bouncy look – and her color as well. To achieve locks like the country star’s, our Master Stylists recommend coloring hair in three tones: light and medium blonde lowlights and very light highlights. Allowing the colors to blend together, our young client will have Grammy-worthy locks.

However, young clients also want their hair to be versatile enough to suit their ever-changing tastes. Selena Gomez’s hair is the perfect example of that style flexibility. With nice, long, brunette hair, she can wear it straight or curly. It’s very versatile, with short bangs and lots of layers at the front of the face: it can give an illusion of a slim face, or give more body in the hair.

And then there’s Justin Bieber. He might be loved by girls around the Bieber_orig_largeworld – but his hair is the envy of young men everywhere. It’s short, easy to style, messy, and you can say it, sexy. In this case, keeping it short and giving it lots of texture gives it the shag and surfer look, and kids don’t have to do much with it – just wake up, mess it up and go.




Chicago, IL:

Sienna_orig_largeIn Chi-town, long is still in. Windy City girls want it all: length, volume and movement, like styles worn by Lauren Conrad and the Kardashian sisters. Yet Chicagoans aren’t afraid to mix up their style. Short pixies like Emma Watson’s are popular, as is a low-maintenance crop like Sienna Miller’s. Hers still sort of has that longer, tousled feel on top that’s loose and casual, so it doesn’t require as much maintenance.

Long hair and crops are in, but the ombre is on its way out in Chicago. Now clients want to break it up a little bit. So now they’re diffusing a few highlights closer to their roots. Celebs to look for the “softened ombre” include Rachel Bilson and Jessica Biel.